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Featured Television Project - CrowdSource for Life

CrowdSource for Life Explores the Act of Giving

Maitri River Productions is producing CrowdSource for Life for commercial platform television.  This unique television special features first-person storytelling by our country’s most extreme altruists: non-directed kidney donors.  

CrowdSource for Life is a show about the many-faceted act of selfless giving.  However, since our cast members all have donated a kidney, we expect our show will raise awareness of living kidney donation.  We’re certain our viewers will find a rare inspiration from the stories told by our cast.  Science considers them to be the most extreme altruists in our society, as most of them have given a kidney to a complete stranger!  As CrowdSource for Life will touch a nationwide, mainstream audience with stories of giving and altruism, the resulting rise in awareness about living kidney donation is expected to have a major impact of several real-world issues.  Learn more at CrowdSourceforLife.com.

Featured Television Series In Development at Maitri River Productions


Citizen Me

In Development. South Dallas’ Black community has survived marginalization by redlining, economic segregation, government policies of slum clearance and isolation by elevated highway construction.  It’s story is central to Bomb Town’s examination of the origins and normalization of institutional racism in the US. Learn More

Through the Music

In Development. Through the Music is a travelogue featuring live musical performances from emerging and established artists as part of a search for social progress in the grass roots of America. With performances hosted in small, historic independent music venues, our show travels deep into American culture through the music. Learn More


In Pre-Production. Intertwining leading activists’ commentary, stories of living kidney donors and kidney patients, and an intuitive look at what leads a person to donate a kidney to a stranger, Abundant asks the question, “Do we have what it takes to become abundant toward living kidney donation?” Learn more.

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Donor Diaries Podcast

CrowdSource for Life producer and noted living kidney donor activist Laurie Lee brings you an interesting insider’s look at the world of living kidney donation in the new kidney donor advocacy podcast series, Donor Diaries.  A great resource for kidney patients and their possible kidney donors.  Learn More

Maitri River Productions

We’re a unique production company entirely focused on the artist’s ability to inspire, provoke and illuminate social change. 

The Maitri River Method

•  Develops of a production deliberately
•  Maintains focus on the production’s purpose
•  Empowers the artist(s) with creative control
•  Builds a narrative and brand for a production
•  Infuses a production with passion and focus
•  Follows the Maitri River Productions mission
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It Starts with a Spark

Our nine-step production process begins instinctively with the Spark Stage.  Got an idea?  Let’s hear it.
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We Work in All Mediums

In our development process, we determine which medium is best for making a lasting impact on the audience.
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Production Team

We assemble mighty creative and technical teams specifically for each unique production.
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Funding Options

The funding method for each production enables the artist’s creative freedom.
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