Maitri River Productions

Maitri River Productions is a Dallas-based production company that produces art that is true to the artist’s inspiration and vision, free of the typical encumbrances of a production studio.  We produce art for social change in engaging media such as television series, documentaries and podcasts.  We believe that creative expression fueled by passionate motivations yields programming that has the power to influence lives in a positive way. 

At Maitri River Productions, we produce art that illuminates, educates, models and influences positive social change.

Maitri River Productions produces non-fiction media.  The range of production includes documentary television series, limited non-fiction series, documentary film and podcasts.


The Maitri River Method

Spark Stage

We realize an initial connection revealing emotion or meaning.  In other words, we can sense “something is there” in the spark idea.  The spark idea may be unrefined, but there is an instinctive feeling of attraction and momentum.  In the Spark Stage, we explore connections to the spark idea, remaining open to all influences to help form and define the spark idea into a possible production.


Wyatt Cagle, Owner South Coast Film and Video


Expertise in Film Production

Wyatt Cagle is one of the most highly-sought after editors in the Southwest. Wyatt has worked extensively in broadcast television, feature film, documentary, short film and industrial video as both a director of photography and editor.  Wyatt owned and operated CGL Studios in Houston, Texas for more than ten years.  Now, Wyatt owns South Coast Film and Video, one of Texas’ most experienced production facilities with a 40-year history of production excellence.

Some of Wyatt’s credits include Director of Photography on The Breakdance Kid (2006) and Director and Editor of the award-winning short film, The Example (2016).  He has edited numerous television series including Profiles with Greg Sheinman (2008-2012) for PBS, Mr. Hell (2006), Shooting Stars (2010-2012) for Fox Sports and Super Bowl LI Pre-Game Show for Fox Sports (2017).

Wyatt has edited more than fifteen television show pilots and has produced more than 500 commercials for major brands including Dr. Pepper, Miller Lite, Verizon and Dodge.  He has produced industrial video with leading brands such as United Airlines, Wal-Mart, Kroger, HP and Boeing.

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