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We’ve put first person storytelling at the heart of our kidney donation media projects.  It’s real, it’s personal and it’s inspiring.  We are continually seeking stories for AbundantDonor Diaries and future CrowdSource for Life shows that tell the stories related to living organ donation.  If you are a living kidney or liver donor, a non-directed organ donor, a kidney patient or a kidney transplant recipient, we want to hear from you.

Auditioning for a Maitri River Productions Documentary Series

We are seeking genuine first-person stories related to living organ transplants.
If you are a non-directed kidney or liver donor, a directed kidney or liver donor, a patient waiting on an organ donation or an organ donation recipient, we’d like to hear your story.  And, so would many more people involved in the decision-making and action of living organ donation.  If you are interested in sharing your story through a Maitri River Productions documentary, please send us an audition.

How do you do it?  Easy.  Just use the tips and instructions on this page to compose and submit your story.  In the end, just submit your story to us by email.

What is the writing process like?  Your audition is your first draft.  If you are selected to develop your story for a show, you will work with professionals to help you make the most out of your story and performance.

Instructions for Auditioning

There is no charge or no obligation.  Please follow these instructions to audition. 

1) Write out a summary of your story in your own words.

2) There is no required length or need to write a full 12-minute narrative.

3) Submit your story via email, either in Microsoft Word or in the body of your email.   The  audition on the button on this page will create the audition email.

4) Include a telephone contact number

Tips for Writing Your Story

Be Authentic

Being in documentary series is an opportunity to inspire others to become kidney donors.  Speak from your heart about your personal experience with kidney donation.

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