CrowdSource for Life

CrowdSource for Life is a live staged storytelling show featuring non-directed kidney donors.  Each living donor will tell a story about the decision, experience and affect of donating a kidney, most of which went to complete strangers.  This rare content will be recorded live and produced as a television special.  

Live Storytelling Stage Show


The Plan for CrowdSource for Life

First-person storytelling is the most fundamental way people connect.  Storytellers know, by sharing their experiences and perspectives, listeners can relate to their experience and understand fundamentally that they are not alone.  Social mediums, like Facebook, make telling or portraying personal stories easy, which is why so many living kidney donors share a common story that starts by seeing someone’s need for a kidney on Facebook.  Storytelling’s powerful force for connection is at the heart of our efforts to expand national awareness of the benefits of living kidney donation.

Over the past year, Maitri River Productions has held an open audition for non-directed kidney donors to tell their story in a live staged storytelling show, CrowdSource for Life.  More than 70 NDDs from more than 17 states and three countries sent in audition stories, hoping for a place in a cast of 10 storytellers who will change our country’s understanding of living kidney donation.  Each story selected approaches the decision and action of living kidney donation with a unique voice and experience.  Together, these NDD storytellers present a new way to begin the conversation about living kidney donation, through abundant thoughts and actions.

With a narrative concept designed by experts in marketing, media and organ donor advocacy, the stories from CrowdSource for Life will meet and connect with a mass audience outside the typical niche world of organ donation.  By focusing on the stories of human experience first, then connecting those experiences to living kidney donation, the living donation message can finally be broken out of the small industry niche, into a mass audience with the numbers and capability to save lives through living kidney donation on an unprecedented mass scale. 

The CrowdSource for Life stage show will be recorded on video live before a theatre audience.  The show will be distributed on platform television.  When aired, the show will be supported by live phone operators and a web-based intake system designed to handle and direct thousands of inquiries.  Normally, brief news stories inspire many inquiries from potential kidney donors asking how they can get involved.  It is our goal in airing CrowdSource for Life to a mass audience, that a large of organic interest will be inspired, creating a chance to eliminate the nation’s kidney deficit.

Additionally, footage of select storytellers from CrowdSource for Life will be featured in the documentary limited series, Abundant.  These productions will meet a mass audience the same way one might see a stranger’s or a friend’s Facebook post about needing a kidney... in a relaxed place like your living room, with your guard down, telling you a story you can understand about someone’s need and how you can help.

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