CrowdSource for Life

We’re crowdsourcing stories and content for Abundant with an exciting way to upgrade the narrative about living kidney donation.  Our efforts to CrowdSource for Life seek first-person stories from kidney patients and kidney donors for Abundant.  

Apply or Audition Today

We are including first-hand stories from kidney patients and kidney donors in Abundant.  Audition materials will be used to help inspire people to consider living kidney donations.  We want to help kidney patients seeking a donor by giving them a tool to reach a larger, interested audience. Details will follow soon on Donor to Donor presents CrowdSource For Life: Storytellers, which will stream live on Facebook, create remarkable educational and support video for Donor to Donor and compose much of the unique content of Abundant.  Read about our two CrowdSource for Life initiatives below and use at the links below to audition.

For Non-Directed Kidney Donors


Donor to Donor presents

CrowdSource for Life: Storytellers

Presented in conjunction with Donor to Donor, we’re seeking non-directed kidney donors for a unique, one-day TED-style storytelling show for an in-depth first-hand exploration of what Abigail Marsh, Ph.D terms, “the extreme altruist.”  Through revealing storytelling, Donor to Donor presents CrowdSource for Life: Storytellers will offer rare insight into the motivations and experiences of non-directed donors and spur a larger conversation about living kidney donation, both directed and non-directed.

For Kidney Patients Waiting on a Transplant


Abundant’s Web Site

Kidney patients waiting on a kidney transplant are encouraged to audition for Abundant.  While few will be selected to appear in the documentary series, all kidney patients who audition may opt to include their audition and profile information on, offering them a major nationally promoted tool to help them make first connections that could lead to their donor.  Each episode of Abundant will direct viewers to