Directed Kidney Donors: Tell Us Your Story

Abundant is seeking first-hand narrative stories from directed kidney donors. 

Directed Donor Stories for Abundant

Why audition? The producers of Abundant are looking for inspirational and interesting stories of living kidney donors.  Selected kidney donors will be contacted for an on camera interview or content for Abundant.

What is the selection process?  Use the tips and instructions on this page to compose and submit your donation story.  We will review all submissions and narrow the field to a semi-finalist group for teleconference interviews and consideration to appear in Abundant.

Instructions for Auditioning

There is no charge or no obligation.  Please follow these instructions to audition. 

1) Write out a summary of your story in your own words.

2) There is no required length.

3) Submit your story via email, either in Microsoft Word or in the body of your email.   The  audition on the button on this page will create the audition email.

4) Include a telephone contact number

Tips for Writing Your Story

Be Authentic

Being in Abundant is an opportunity to inspire others to become kidney donors.  Speak from your heart about your personal experience with kidney donation.