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Abundant and CrowdSourceForLife.com are seeking sponsors ranging from large corporations to individuals.  Donations to Abundant and CrowdSourceForLife.com are tax deductible as a charitable donation.  To build our audience and network, a small monthly donation through Patreon can help our production connect thousands who have the desire to see a cultural change toward greater kidney donation by living donors.  Please support Abundant and CrowdSourceForLife.com in the way that suits you best.

Production Sponsors

Donations to support Abundant and CrowdSourceForLife.com are tax deductible as charitable contributions.  The order of production is coordinated with financial benchmarks that allow our team to create the vision for the production. Donations of all sizes are welcome.  Each donation contributes to the goal of the next benchmark.

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Sponsor the Production of Abundant

CrowdSource for Life: Storytellers - Cost - $100,000
A contribution or sponsorship for Donor to Donor presents: CrowdSource for Life: Storytellers underwrites our unique, all-day live streaming show that promotes the life-changing impact of kidney donations by living donors. This program will create the Non-Directed Donor content for Abundant.

Help Us Build Our Audience for Abundant

You don’t have to make a major donation to fund our $960K production budget for Abundant and CrowdSourceForLife.com to make a difference expanding the conversation about living kidney donation.  Audience-building is a major initiative related to Abundant.  Connecting everyone who is directly and indirectly affected by kidney disease, who is experiencing the need for kidney transplant and who is compassionate for this huge health crisis will create the momentum needed for Abundant to reach its goal of expanding the conversation about living kidney donation to a mass audience.

We are building this audience using social mediums and content marketing centered around Abundant.  Please consider sponsoring this effort for as little as $1/month on Patreon.  A small online promotional budget can maintain our audience-building effort.