Projects in Development

In our development stage, concepts for productions undergo a thorough thought and research process.  This includes visualizing, subject matter research and aligning with our mission, as well as budgeting and other logistical planning.  The project is not ready for the funding and pre-production stages until it has completed the Advanced Concept Development stage of our Maitri River Method.  These projects are in varying stages of our development process.


Belonging is a documentary series.

Modern society itemizes people.  As technological evolution separates us, we fight a growing sense of isolation in search of community.  Our culture changes rapidly, but the basic need for human connection remains.  Guided by flow yoga, Belonging explores our drives to connect and what it means to belong.

For more on Belonging, visit the project page here.


Nude/Naked is a documentary series.

Content is king, but editors have all the power.  Nude/Naked explores how and why that power is used and how it affects our culture.  Beginning with a conversation about what happens when people find the unclothed human figure objectionable in the art world and expanding out to a bigger conversation about shame and power, Nude/Naked digs deeply into the motivations for omission, censorship and editing.

For more on Nude/Naked, visit the project page here.

The Only Question

The Only Question is a podcast that features emerging writers.

All the elements of literature somehow draw characters to one question: Who am I? That is The Only Question.

In their own unique voices, the writers selected for our podcast address The Only Question about their local character prompts.  Across twenty-four stories in eight episodes, character, plots, genres, styles and themes vary with each writer.  Only one element unifies every story to the whole: the local influences shared by all the writers.  The stories answer the question, “Who am I?”  Each season, the local influences answers the question, “Who are we?”

The Only Question
podcasts are designed to feature a diverse representation of artists and to create insight into all aspects of our culture.

Atlanta-based songwriter/musician George Bradford. Photography by Jenna Teter.

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is a live storytelling show featuring local artists.

Each show is different in format, cast and purpose.  Local artists are cast and each presents a performance, story or both.  In their roughly ten-minute performance, the artists offers insight and relatable experiences to whatever or whoever inspires their art.  Most artists perform stories from a script, but some choose an extemporaneous style.  Test casts in Atlanta and Dallas have included artists who create in the fields of dance, poetry, storytelling, journalism, songwriting, writing, and more.  Depending on the city, the artists and the venue, every show is unique.  

Third Date

Why do people vote against their own self-interest?  How do we make choices about priorities when choosing a political candidate?  How do we choose what to compromise when deciding to make such a decision?  Following two of the most contentious, polarizing political seasons in U.S. history, Third Date examines how we choose to vote. 

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