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Citizen Me is a show about empathy.  Season 1 is a limited series of eight thirty-minute podcast episodes which features a racially diverse cast of first-person storytellers. 

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How to Audition for Citizen Me

Tell us your story!   
For Season 1, we are looking for twelve to sixteen storytellers with true, personal, first-person stories about a quality of good citizenship.  The fifteen qualities of good citizenship are: honesty, integrity, responsibility, accountability, respectfulness, compassion, kindness, tolerance, courtesy, self-discipline, moral courage, love of justice, participation, volunteerism, trustworthiness, and respecting the rights of others.  

About the Stories - 800 words maximum length for submission
Your story must have a beginning, middle and end as well as a lesson or meaningful experience with one of the good qualities of citizenship.  Grammar counts, as does voice and style.  Stories can be dramatic, comedic or both.  Mostly we are looking for enlightening stories about experiences with good citizenship that will entertain, enlighten and connect with a broad audience. 

Q: Any tips on what you are seeking:

Surprise us.  If your story surprises us it will get our attention.  If your story has a twist or an interesting take on a lesson learned... or taught... AND it surprises us, your chance of moving the semi-finals are increased.

Q: Can you submit multiple stories covering different experiences with different qualities of good citizenship? 

A: Yes, but a storyteller will only be cast for one story per season.

About the Storytellers - Racially diverse cast
Citizen Me is looking for both veteran and first-time storytellers, all of whom are from diverse communities.  Our cast will participate in a storytelling workshop to make sure each story is written best for a performance that will engage and impact the audience.  Storytellers must be at least 18 years-old.  Stories must be true and must be the storyteller’s first-hand experience.  Our cast of storytellers will also be interviewed for the podcast.

How/When to Submit Your Story - April 15 deadline for Season 1.
Email your story to us at info@maitririverproductions.com by April 15, 2023 for consideration for Season 1 of Citizen Me.

What Happens Next?
Our production team will acknowledge receiving your story.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please let us know or submit your story again.  After April 15, 2023, the production will contact you to let you know if you have been selected as a semi-finalist.  Semi-finalists will receive an invitation to a personal interview with our producers.

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About Citizen Me

Starting on Common Ground
Today, mentioning the term “citizenship” often sparks a politicized response. With a focus on building empathy, Citizen Me begins with common ground, taking an important look at the definition of citizenship…. Just not the legal or dictionary definitions.  We’re defining it like a first-grade teacher might do it with a “citizenship grade.”  Just like in elementary school, when the value of getting along well is reflected in a “citizenship grade,” Citizen Me focuses on the fifteen personal qualities of a good citizen. 

The fifteen qualities of a good citizen are: honesty, integrity, responsibility, accountability, respectfulness, compassion, kindness, tolerance, courtesy, self-discipline, moral courage, love of justice, participation, volunteerism, trustworthiness, and respecting the rights of others.  This is our common ground.

Storytelling, Empathy Diversity and Authenticity
Storytelling is among the most ancient and authentic methods of connecting.  A good story is at the heart of all factual and fictional communications, from your day’s highlights over dinner, to hard news, to blockbuster cinema.  With humor, poignance and pathos, expertly produced first-person storytelling creates a rare connection with the audience. This kind of narrative non-fiction connects “your story to mine” and forms a basis for mutual understanding. That’s empathy… the understanding that we are alike, and the reassurance that you are not alone.

Therefore, first-person storytelling as the narrative basis for our series about empathy.  Nothing connects us like a good story.

Personifying Good Citizenship in Narrative
Each Citizen Me cast member will tell a true story about a personal experience, putting a diverse face, voice, and context on one quality of good citizenship. Cast members will work with 2nd Story, our story development partner which is based in Chicago and is one of the premier storytelling theatre organizations in the U.S.  2nd Story’s diverse workshop team will ensure the final staged stories for Citizen Me will be authentically diverse.

Audience, Targeting and Distribution
Citizen Me will be available where you one gets their podcasts.  With Citizen Me’s cross-topic appeal, diversity- and empathy- themed motifs and easy access through streaming, a basic social media advertising campaign easily will connect Citizen Me with several large, targeted audiences.

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