We all make subconscious errors in thinking that leads us to misinterpret information.  The culprit is often cognitive biases.  These unconcious and automatic thought processes make decision-making faster and better... sometimes.  And when they are not making thought processes faster and better, cognitive biases can really mess you up.

Nude/Naked Abstract

Cognitive biases are subconscious error in your thinking.  They cause you to misinterpret information and they affect your judgement.  Think you are a decisive, rational clear thinker?  Guess again.  The accuracy of your decisions and how you view and assess the world is filtered through your cognitive biases.  Mental shortcuts, external pressures, emotions and your own experiences are affecting your perceptions and actions.  Want to question reality?  Start with your cognitive biases.

is a light-hearted, but serious podcast about aspiring to intelligence.  Picture yourself in the art museum in a room with work featuring an unclothed model.  Why not indulge yourself?  Say you’re in Florence, Italy seeing the sculpture of David by Michelangelo.  Someone near you covers a child’s eyes to hide the naked man from their view.  Another person is moved to tears by the nude masterpiece.  While you are standing there minding your own business, both have heaped their lifetimes of perception onto the artwork in clear, polarized disagreement.

Scratch the surface on those opinions and up comes a series of compounded limiting factors that comprise what we all can disagree is “our culture.”  Nude/Naked opens that door, and looks into popular misconceptions about free thinking, reality, right, wrong and the future of humanity.

Each episode of Nude/Naked connects disparate concepts, then magnifies their limitations or capacity through a cognitive bias.  We’ll solve big questions with answers you may not like, but need to know.  You‘ll question what you really know and gain insight as to why some think and behave the way they do.  Who joins a cult and why?  Is group-think enabling or dangerous?  Why is a story so important?  Nude/Naked will make you question everything, but at least you’ll feel good about doing it.  

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