Through the Music

Through the Music is a travelogue featuring live musical performances from emerging and established musical artists as part of a search for social progress in the grass roots of America. With performances hosted in small, historic independent music venues across the country, our show travels deep into American culture through the music.


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Through the Music is a part Austin City Limits, a bit of No Reservations and a little of Axios.  Interested in making it happen with us? 

Email us at info@maitririverproductions.com.

Through the Music - Abstract

Through the Music is a premium television travelogue of discovery, rediscovery and music emanating from transcendent venues around the United States of America.

Hosted by musicologists and cultural commentators, Through the Music travels to American cities and towns in search of progress and the music that pushes progress forward.  Featuring casual interviews with local experts, authorities and activists, each episode of Through the Music explores the history and the forward trajectory of an American community, pairing the conversation with expertly-curated music from an emerging musical artist playing one of the community’s historic music venues.  We’ll dig deep into American culture through the music found in these places.

Through The Music is Produced by and Features


Donald Griswold

Donald Griswold is an author and filmmaker.  His first feature-length documentary Abundant is scheduled for release in early 2024.  Donald was born in the North, raised in the South and has travelled the U.S extensively.  He has a musical passion for independent artists and singer/songwriters. 

George Bradford says about Donald, “Donald Griswold is a man of big ideas and a relentless implementation.  Creating successful businesses.  Writing clever novels.  Leading bands of musicians.  Donald Griswold dreams big and works until those dreams are reality.”

Donald also plays a little guitar... very little according to his band mates.

Donovan Lewis

Donovan Lewis is one of the most versatile and entertaining radio hosts in the Dallas/Fort Worth market.  He is the co-host of the Norm and D Invasion from 10AM - noon on Sportsradio 96.7/1310 The Ticket, co-hosting with Texas Radio Hall of Famer Norm Hitzges.  

Craig Miller says about Donovan, “I can’t wait to work with Donovan on this project. You can’t help but be in a good mood when you’re around him, which will help offset the fact that everyone is in a bad mood when they are around me.”

In thirty years broadcasting in the DFW market, Donovan has worked on top rated shows at 570 KLIF93.3 The Bone and The Ticket.

Craig Miller

Craig Miller is not just a broadcaster, he’s an entertainer.  He’s an original on-air host at Dallas-Fort Worth radio station Sportsradio 96.7/1310 The Ticket.  Since 1995, Craig has entertained listeners with sports insight, humor, cultural commentary and guy talk on The Ticket’s Musers morning show.  

Donovan Lewis says about Craig, “It’s going to be a great time discovering new music with Craig.  He may have his guard up at times, but my constant nagging will probably force him into my world and he’ll love it there!”

The Marconi Award winning Ticket morning show has been DFW’s top-rated broadcast for more than two decades. 


George Bradford

George Bradford is a singer/songwriter and musician with a law degree  George has released five albums of original music and plays with bands in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX. George is a political activist and never hesitates to fight the good fight.

Donald Griswold says about George, “I refer to George as The Best Man I Know. He finds a way to earn that title every day.  Also, the first time he got me in trouble on a road trip was our senior year in high school.  I have no doubt it will happen again on this show.”

George possesses an encyclopedic musical knowledge and firmly believes Rock & Roll will save the world.

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