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Maitri River Production is looking for concepts that meet our mission.  If you believe you have a topic that would make great non-fiction content, you can submit it at any time online using the form on this page.  In an elevator pitch of 50 words or fewer, tell us what causes are important to you and why you’d like us to consider that cause for a Maitri River Production.

Make your Elevator Pitch

Imagine you’re standing alone with us in an elevator.  The door closes and you’ve got our undivided attention for about 30 seconds, maybe less.  If you’ve got an idea for a non-fiction content channel, a documentary series, a non-fiction feature film or a podcast, describe it in a way that hooks our attention and makes us think.  If you see an injustice, want to champion a cause, see elegantly brilliant solution to a big problem or want to challenge society, put it into an elevator pitch for us now. You’ve got 50-word maximum to get on our radar.  We’re looking for ideas with the potential to cause positive social change, the bigger the better.

50 words.  30 seconds.  Maybe less.  Try to hook us before that elevator door opens.

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