Support Our Productions

Our productions are funded by sponsors and supporters who believe in the causes explored in our productions.  We also seek sponsors who believe in art for social change, which is the core mission of all our productions.  We welcome like-minded sponsorship from individuals, corporations, foundations and entities aligned with our purpose.

Many Ways to Get Involved

We welcome like-minded supporters who wish to see our productions make a positive impact on our culture.

Corporate Sponsors
Depending on the funding structure of a production, we welcome tax-deductible donations from corporate or business sponsors, promotional sponsorships and partnerships with corporate sponsors.

Event Sponsors
When an event or production element is developed as part of a production, we welcome like-minded business and individuals to specifically sponsor events. 

Production Sponsors
Our Production Sponsors make financial contributions to a specific production for the purpose of funding the financial benchmarks of that production.

Tax-Deductible Sponsors
For our productions that are fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, donations are tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.  For more details on fiscal sponsorship, click here.

Patreon Sponsors
Audience-building is a critical function of developing a viable production.  We use content  marketing and networking to build an audience.  We fund this effort through small monthly donations made by patrons through Patreon.  Our Patreon sponsors fund the critical and strategic operations that result in a production‘s following.

Networking Help
You can support a production by networking the production on social mediums, sharing our  web site, blogs and content and by referring your network to support us on Patreon.

There are always opportunities to volunteer on Maitri River Productions.  If you are interested in getting involved with one of our productions, please email us at info@maitririverproductions.com.
Support Abundant Production

You can support Abundant’s production with tax-deductible charitable sponsorship.  Abundant’s linear financial priorities are outlined by financial benchmarks.   When you make a donation to fund Abundant, you contribute to our next immediate financial goal to advance the production process.

Stay Connected

Interact with us to support Art for Social Change.  We recommend subscribing to the Maitri River Productions blog, following individual productions on Facebook and supporting the networking for our productions on Patreon.


Privacy Policy

Help Us Network

Maitri River Productions builds audiences for its productions through content marketing.  It doesn’t cost much so we support it on Patreon.  Please help us build an audience for our productions to inspire social change fo as little as $1/month on Patreon.