Kidney Patients: Audition for Abundant

Through making Abundant, the producers want to offer patients seeking a kidney donation an additional opportunity to make a first connection with their donor.  We are seeking kidney patients to be profiled in Abundant.  The audition process is open to all kidney patients waiting on a donation.  All applicants are welcome to have their audition video and a link to their social media or web site listed on Abundant’s companion web site:  We hope repurposing these audition videos and leveraging the profile of the project creates many first connections for kidney patients in need.


How to Audition for Abundant and Add Your Video to

ATTENTION KIDNEY PATIENTS SEEKING A TRANSPLANT: If we can help you through our process of making Abundant, we want to do it.  Kidney patients seeking a donor will be featured in Abundant. Tell your story on a one-minute video loaded to YouTube or Vimeo and include the video link on your audition form.  If you are selected to appear in Abundant, we will contact you.  Due to the volume of applicants expected, not all submissions will be contacted.  Even if you are not selected to appear in Abundant, your video will be included on with any contact information you provide.  There is no charge or obligation and you may have your video removed at any time.  It’s our hope that being included among the kidney patients visible on will help you make a first contact that leads to your donor.  If you have questions, email us at  If you are ready to get involved and audition, use the application button below.

Tips for Making Your Audition Video

Be Authentic

Being in Abundant or on is an opportunity to make a connection that could lead to your donor.  Be relaxed, ask for what you need and be brave.  It’s not an ad; it’s you.  Be yourself and you’ll make the best audition video for you.


Image is a companion web site for Abundant.  It’s a web site designed to facilitate important “firsts.”

First Contact: Experts agree the best way kidney patients can help find their own donor is to be active and tell their story.  Kidney patients audition for Abundant with brief introductory videos to start telling their story.  While not all who apply will be shown in the documentary series, every patient who auditions can opt to have their video included on  Participating patients may also list their social media contact info, allowing them to use the web site to facilitate a contact that may lead to potential donation.  Kidney patients, we want to help you any we can to make a first connection that will help you.

First Steps: Did Abundant pique your interest in living kidney donation?  A visit to gives you access to the many possible first steps, from answering basic questions, to connecting you with the most informative and helpful resources.

First Look: also features exclusive extra content and commentary from the production of Abundant.

Instructions for Auditioning

There is no charge or no obligation.  Please follow these instructions to audition.  DO NOT email us a video. Use the form to submit a link to your video.

1) Make a one-minute video that tells your story.

2) Post it to a social media video platform, such as YouTube. Here is a support page for YouTube and a support page for YouTube privacy settings to help you get started.

3) Copy the link (use the Share function near your video).

4) Fill out the form on this page.

5) Make sure and click the permission button on the form to add your video to

6) If you have a social media page or web site, add the links to the form.We'll add that to your profile.

7) Click submit.

Audition for Abundant

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