Non-Directed Kidney Donors: Tell Us Your Story

We are producing Donor to Donor presents CrowdSource For Life: Storytellers, a TED-like storytelling show for mid-year 2021.  The production will feature exclusively non-directed kidney donor stories.  Ten non-directed kidney donors selected for the show will work with a professional storytelling coach and editor to refine a stage performance to maximize their story in a 12-minute performance.  Content from this stage performance will be seen in Abundant.

Donor to Donor presents

CrowdSource for Life: Storytellers

Why audition? We know most non-directed donors resist taking credit for their remarkably abundant act of donating a kidney to a stranger. However, we’re creating a storytelling show for non-directed kidney donors because telling non-directed kidney donor stories will inform and help others.  We ask non-directed kidney donors to extend their act of selfless giving by sharing their story to inspire others potential donors.

What is the selection process?  Use the tips and instructions on this page to compose and submit your donation story.  We will review all submissions and narrow the field to a semi-finalist group for teleconference interviews.  A final group of ten (10) non-directed donors will be selected for Donor to Donor presents CrowdSource for Life: Storytellers.

What is the writing process like?  Your audition is your first draft.  If you are selected to develop your story for the show, you will work with a professional story editor, producer and director to help you make the most out of your story and performance.

What is the show like?  Storytellers will present their approximately 12-minute story in a format much like a TED talk.  The show will have a live audience and streaming audience.  The entire day will be streamed and recorded for use in Abundant.

When and where is the show? Details are pending on the date and location of Donor to Donor presents CrowdSource for Life: Storytellers.  We will not be selecting a semi-finalist group until logistical planning and scheduling for the show is completed.  If you are selected, travel, lodging and meals will be provided.

Instructions for Auditioning

There is no charge or no obligation.  Please follow these instructions to audition. 

1) Write out a summary of your story in your own words.

2) There is no required length or need to write a full 12-minute narrative.

3) Submit your story via email, either in Microsoft Word or in the body of your email.   The  audition on the button on this page will create the audition email.

4) Include a telephone contact number

Tips for Writing Your Story

Be Authentic

Being in Donor to Donor presents: CrowdSource for Life: Storytellers is an opportunity to inspire others to become kidney donors.  Speak from your heart about your personal experience with kidney donation.