Laurie Lee joins Abundant team as a producer.

Non-directed kidney donor Laurie Lee has joined the team producing Abundant, Maitri River Productions’ documentary series about living kidney donation.  Laurie, who is a recognizable personality in the kidney donation field, is a founding member of Transplant Village and facilitates a monthly Kidney Champion Program at Northwestern Medici...
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Calling All Non-Directed Kidney Donors!

In her book, The Fear Factor, neuroscientist Abigail Marsh, Ph.D. describes non-directed kidney donors as "extreme altruists." Her groundbreaking research into extreme human behavior ranging from cruel selfishness to altruistic generosity identified people who give a kidney donation to a stranger as the most extreme cases of selfless giving. In tel...
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Kidney Patients: Audition for Abundant Now!

The bottom line: The Abundant team wants to help as many people who need a kidney donation as possible. We're taking a cue from The Living Kidney Donors Network, a respected non-profit that helps kidney patients help themselves find a donor. LKDN's approach teaches kidney patients to create greater awareness about their need. Abundant endorses...
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How to Inspire More Living Kidney Donations

CrowdSource for Life
Living kidney donation has a fundamental branding problem, and it makes finding a living kidney donor even harder than it should be for thousands of Americans.  Like most classic branding dilemmas, neither the problem, nor the solution can be stated succinctly in a way that a mass audience can understand.  Thus, the message remains l...
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