Through the Music

Through the Music is a travelogue featuring live musical performances from emerging and established musical artists as part of a search for social progress in the grass roots of America. With performances hosted in small, historic independent music venues across the country, our show travels deep into American culture through the music.


Through the Music - Abstract

If it is built well, it remains useful, and it receives care, a place can transcend lifetimes.  Such is it with a community, a gathering place, even a country. And such is it with a handful of independent music venues around America.  These classic stages have survived decades of struggle, change and upheaval in their local communities.  Now after a year of silence from the 2020 pandemic, the stages are back, and the artists are back. But the struggle forward for progress never went away; in fact is feels more present than ever.  That is the story of Through the Music.

Hosted by musicologists and cultural commentators, Through the Music travels to American cities and towns in search of progress and the music that pushes progress forward.  Featuring casual interviews with local experts, authorities and activists, each episode of Through the Music explores the history and the forward trajectory of an American community, pairing the conversation with expertly-curated music from an emerging musical artist playing one of the community’s historic music venues.  We’ll dig deep into American culture through the music found in these places.

Through the Music is a travelogue of discovery, rediscovery and music emanating from transcendent venues.