Greenlight Dallas

Maitri River Productions wants to hear your ideas for productions that meet our mission to illuminate, educate, model and positively influence social change.  If you’re local to the Dallas area, our Greenlight Dallas program allows you to do that in person.

Is Your Idea Maitri River Material?

If there is a project idea out there that fits the Maitri River Productions mission, we want to hear about it.  Maitri River Productions develops a limited number of productions each year, but we continually look for great ideas and inspired artists.  

Later in 2020, we will begin scheduling one afternoon each month for pitch meetings exclusively for local Dallas-area artists.  No elevator pitches. No pre-qualification filters.  If you’ve got an idea that fits the Maitri River Productions mission, we want to make it easy for you to pitch it.  We believe in the depth of talented media writers and producers in North Texas.  We’re starting Greenlight Dallas to give you a possible forum for your work.

Projects that are selected will benefit from the Maitri River Method of production, our writing and production talent network and our funding strategies.  Artists who partner with Maitri River Productions will work side-by-side with the production team during production and will benefit from mentoring on all aspects of the production business.

 Check back on this page later in 2020  for Greenlight Dallas details.